Funnily enough, most of you probably didn’t even get to check out version one, as it was only online for a few weeks before being pulled as we were simply ‘settling’ on way too many things [mostly in the backend side of things where it gets quite important]. We completely deleted that version and started over again from scratch. I’m happy to report that we’re no longer just settling for any aesthetic/function and are truly happy with how this has came out. We wanted something quite basic as this official website almost is a portal to the other services we offer – and we certainly achieved that.

In addition to this new site, we also updated our logo and font from the ground up. The heart was remodelled and the typeface was completely changed to something much blockier and strong looking. Whilst we liked the previous logo a lot [created in 2013] it needed honed just a little to become a logo we can happily live with from this point forward. We dig it.

It was so tempting to launch this new website with all the services we want to offer and are actively working on [alongside some awesome side projects] but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves and for the time being, we’ll really only be focusing on the three services we’ve launched with; Design | Books & Apparel. However, trust me when i say that there’s been a tonne of work happening behind the scenes for a long time now and when we do expand, it’ll be at a rapid pace.

I wanted to incorporate this ‘blog’ side of the website because i intend to not only inform the wider public of our activity and plans, but i want a valid reason to document everything we do. I’m going to have fun with this blog and never really get too serious on it, so don’t worry.

I hope you dig the new website – thanks for stopping by and reading the first blog!