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Describing HeartFuse

Short Description

HeartFuse is a Creative Media Network based in Ireland. They are a Design Agency, a Record Label, an Apparel Store, a BookStore and much more.


HeartFuse is a little company that does a lot. We founded with the express goal of housing many variants of creativity under one roof. This was an attractive goal for many reasons, but at the forefront was our enthusiasm about the cross-pollination effect that is born when different types of creativity intersect and bleed into each other. We believe in the power of multiple businesses flourishing under one name and that’s why we chose this format for our business from the very beginning.

Our Symbol

This is our identifying logo without the wordmark. You can use this when your space is limited.

Our Typeface

Where possible, please use the typeface that includes our primary red colour [with black or white accompanyment].

Symbol + Typeface Combined

When space is not a concern, this is our preferred use case to represent our company.


It’s worth pointing out that we capitalize the ‘H’ and ‘F’ in our company name – in all use cases.
Therefore ‘heartfuse’ and ‘Heartfuse’ are considered wrong.
HeartFuse’ is the correct spelling of our name.

Our Colour Pallette

Primary [#BC4646] | Black [#2E2E2E] | White [#F3F3F3]

Let’s make something awesome together.



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